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The ONE Church In Christ Jesus regularly ministers to thousands of people all over the globe by reason of our extensive websites and video ministries.  We invest a great deal of time, energy, effort and finance every month so we can provide preaching, teaching, and inspiration via the web to those who may otherwise not have access to sound, Biblical, Christ-Centered, Affirming Christian theology.  Help us reach, encourage, and inspire those who have simply been ostracized, abandoned or ignored.

Individuals who regularly give in support of this ministry are acknowledged by us as Extended Members. Those who give, even if only once, are acknowledged as Supportive Friends.  You may view the webpage we have created to honor and acknowledge those who contribute in support of this ministry by CLICKING HERE.

We welcome your kind and generous support!   Members and friends of this ministry may contribute to our work here online, or by mailing a financial contribution (Tithe and/or Offering) to:
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Buy A Chair Campaign!
Our church has ordered 70 new chairs for our new sanctuary. We are offering our friends and supporters an opportunity to support this effort by buying a chair (or as many as you would like) at $50. Each chair purchased will have a plaque attached to the back which will say, "This chair was donated by..." If you would like, we can also place a memorial plaque which would read, "This chair was donated in memory of... (Name of individual)." If you would like to donate one or more chairs at $50 each, simply click the donations link above and make your donation. If you would like a name to appear on the plaque, other than your own, just let us know.  Thank you so much for your kind and generous support  You may also email information to us about the names to appear on plaques at
How many chairs do you wish to buy?
Name(s) to appear on plaque...
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