In Sincere Appreciation

We honor those who participate in our various online ministries and who contribute financially to the support of this ministry by acknowledging them as Honorary and/or Extended Members of our church.  Anyone giving any amount, even only once, we acknowledge as "Supportive Friends."  ALL who give are appreciated and valued, regardless of  the amount they give or the frequency of their giving.  Some may give as little as a few dollars, whereas others may give a regularly scheduled tithe or offering.  We appreciate any support, small or large.  With this page we honor and acknowledge those who support our powerful, important, and unique work.
The following individuals have supported the ministries of The ONE Church for many years and have been officially extended the title of Honorary Member by the pastor and people of the church by reason of an official nomination and unanimous vote.
Claude A.
Queens, NY

Claude visited the church where Pastor Charles was ministering in New York City back in the mid 1990's and has been financially supportive of this pastor's ministry ever since.  Over the years he has donated many thousands of dollars which have enabled us to do so much.  His support has been invaluable.  The people of The ONE Church In Christ Jesus elected to honor him with Honorary membership in 2013 in recognition of all of his generous and faithful support over the past many years.
We Need Your Support
Our ministry has been engaged in very aggressive outreach for many years.  We spend thousands of dollars and invest untold numbers of hours annually making our videos and audio of our services and teaching available to people around the world who do not have access to an Affirming church like ours.  We regularly hear from individuals around the globe who benefit from and appreciate access to our ministry online.  Ours is a difficult work.  The nature of our message is such that it is often labeled too liberal by some and too conservative by others.  We have no desire to play church, but rather to be the church that we believe God meant for the church of Jesus Christ to be from the beginning.  For this reason, we do not have a large local congregation (as yet anyway).  We very much need the support of our friends outside of our local church.  Consistent, faithful, regular support is the most advantageous as it helps us to budget and plan.  Occasional or sporadic gifts are certainly a blessing, but as we have no idea when they will come in or how much they will be, we cannot plan and budget their use.  We invite our friends online, wherever you may live, to visit our donations page and schedule a gift to help us do all that we do to further the Affirming and reconciling message of Jesus Christ to all those who are broken, abandoned, and isolated - so desperately in need of a restorative word from the Lord.  If you would like to give a gift, once or on a regular basis, please visit our DONATIONS page now.  We are so grateful for your prayerful support!
The following individuals have given in support of the ministries of The ONE Church with their substance one or more times over the past several year. We greatly appreciate their support and acknowledge them gladly as Supportive Friends.  (If we have somehow not yet posted your name, please remind us as we sincerely desire to include you and we do not wish to exclude anyone who has given in support of our ministry Thank you!)
Linda M.
Stourbridge, UK (England)
Mary L.
Sound Beach, NY (USA)
Brandon Y.
Sioux City
Perry A.
Toronto CANADA
Daniel G.
Albuquerque NM (USA)
Rafael R.
(Not available)
Andrea D.
 Stuart C.
(Not Available)
Marcia W.
W. Hartford CT (USA)
Tonya S.
Ft Worth TX  (USA)
Lyle S-H.
Fairmont WV (USA)
Suzanne D.
Victoria BC (CANADA)
Davis M.
Wesley D.
(Not available)
Robert H.
Jacksonville FL  (USA)
Leelia S.
Houston TX  (USA)
Amy H.
Wichita KS
Since 2014
James M., Jr.
Paola KS
Laura P.
Denton TX
Bradley M.
San Diego, CA  (USA)
Adam H-B.
Sioux City IO
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Donna B.T.
Merritt Island, FL
Since 2016
Cynthia W.
Austin, TX
Since 2016
The following individuals presently participate in our church by reason of our video ministries and support the ministries of The ONE Church with their substance (tithes/offerings) on a regular and consistent basis (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly).  We count these individuals as Extended Members of our church.  These folks are to us as much members of our church as are our local members who are able to faithfully attend services and support our local ministry.  We presently have three Extended Members."  Truthfully, if we are to accomplish our goals and realize our vision, we need dozens of individuals who will give regularly in support of our work.  Will you consider also becoming an extended member of our church?
Marvin L.
 Milwaukee  WS