Nondenominational (or non-denominational) Christian institutions are those not formally aligned with an established religious denomination, but are historically Protestant, or that remain otherwise officially autonomous. This, however, does not preclude an identifiable standard among such congregations.

While The ONE Church In Christ Jesus has many beliefs and doctrines which are found in certain mainline denominations, such as; The UPCI, PAW, Bible Way Churches, CLJCAF, A/G, Church of God (Cleveland, TN), COGIC, etc...  we do not belong to any of these organizations.  Our devotion and loyalty is to the Word of God, not to any denominational creed or organizational dogma.  We welcome people of all Christian and non-Christian backgrounds, regardless of past affiliations, or lack thereof.

The ONE Church is not concerned about your religious past, but rather your spiritual future! No matter what type of church you may have grown up in or started your Christian journey within, it is our hope that you will embrace with us a dedication to the Word of God alone that supercedes any denominational loyalties so that you might experience the fullness of the power and blessing of God in your life! 

We are not anti-denominations.  Denominations and organizations are a good thing in regard to fellowship and missions endeavors, however, they also tend to unnecessarily divide and segregate God's people, as well as stir up and foster professional jelousies and sibling rivalries.  The name over the door of a church has nothing to do with whether or not it is part of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, but rather the content of that truth which it preaches and teaches.
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